sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2007

Heaven Down For Me

You came to my life like a shutting star that was crossing my sky.
You have entered in my life just like an angel off of the pages of my bible,
like a song in my heart, almost oil on my hands
I feel like I'll never be the same after this,
‘cause I am so fortunate to love you
I still wonder why this is,
I can’t even be understood by anyone but you.
We can be together all our lives…
I will never let my guard up for you
I can’t blow you out my mind
You have something that I can’t describe,
You just came to my life and ‘til then I am alive,
When everything around is so unfair
You are right there to be by my side.

Finally heaven came down for me,
I know I can't find the words to write what I feel for you love,
Now I’m trying to understand why this is,
I don’t want to be your secret anymore,
'Cause we've been touched by the power of this love,
And from one year before
I feel that you're the only one,
Some nights I've been confused in the dark,
But now I understand.

I Love You Mau

6 comentarios:

Mauricio dijo...

yujuu! primeroo!! :D! aunque.. yo se por que esta vez si pude ser el primero u.u' pero bueno .. ah! no se que decir.. te amo tanto... me encanto... a ver cuando hace uno en mi idioma, estoy seguro que si le entiendo me va a gustar aun mas :)(A) .. te amo.

ElPoeta dijo...

Beuutiful, Supermoni, muy romántico y tierno. Un beso,

NZ dijo...

i like it

-Monique- dijo...


Gracias por hacerlo por mi xD


Que penita :$

Lo amo con toda mi alma..


-Monique- dijo...


Thank you n_n
Super poet :P


-Monique- dijo...


Thank you :)